About Title Insurance

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance protects you from losses that occur from various matters affecting the title to land. There are two basic types of policy: Owner's policies to protect the owner, and Loan policies to protect the bank's mortgage.

If the bank requires a Loan Policy, why do I need to buy an Owner's Policy?

The bank's policy only protects its interest. You, the homeowner, may be liable for title problems even though the bank is insured.

I paid for a title search - why do I need to buy title insurance also?

A title policy insures against many defects which could not be discovered in a title search, as well as insuring against errors made in the title search itself.

Is Owner's coverage expensive?

No. A one time premium covers you throughout your ownership and after. When you are already paying for a loan policy, the additional cost for an Owner's policy is usually small.